Life Skillz: How To Pack



How do I deal with stress? Apparently by making a video. Hope you think it’s funny, because clearly I do since I put it on the Internet.

Love you all (see you soon),


End of VADA

I finished up VADA (Vlog Alternating Days in April) with one pretty amusing video about how I am basically incompetent: 

One where I further prove that by not making a video on time due to busyness and sleepiness: 

and one where I let you all know where I hope my channel will go from here:

This is possibly the last time you will hear from me in Korea. My brain is in about a million places and I’m trying to get all of my affairs in order while saying goodbye to my life here.

Love you all and see you soon,




I’m not sure how much I have mentioned to to many of you, but I have definitely had more than a fair share of homesickness here; now that I am ending my time here, there is none of that to be seen, so I figured it was a healthy time to look back and talk about it a bit.

Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, because videos will continue on there once the east is no longer meeting Weston. Thanks for everything. 

Love you all,