Staring at Mount Consumerism


Mount Consumerism (also known as my childhood room/storage unit for every damn thing I own)

Well, my “vacation” that began the moment I turned in my last project (curse you, choral arranging), and has lasted ever since, has definitely ended. Now understand that by vacation I mean primarily hanging out with my partner and other roommates and watching an obscene amount of television. This may sound boring, but it was outstanding. That is all over, lol. I realized today how much stuff I need to get done in the next week.5.

For example, take a look at what used to be my childhood room and now has everything that I own crammed inside of it…It would be optimal to bring some peace and order to this space before I abandon my worldly belongings.

Now in addition to doing some important chores today including staring at Mount Consumerism (see above) and going shopping for luggage and a new camera with my momma, I got to catch up with some old friends! By old friends I don’t mean elderly, although this is a cross-generational bunch. In addition to my long-time bestie/faux-wife, Kelsey, I was able to have lunch with three of the coolest educators I had theĀ privilegeĀ of not only learning from but becoming friends with as well! Not only are the full of wisdom and sass, but they have some killer gossip!


Lunch with (from left to right, duh) Mrs. Hart, Mr. Hart, Ms. Gift, Kelsey, and ME! and yes, I am still a child who refers to them by their “teacher names”

Wish me luck as I attempt to take the South Shore tomorrow during rush hour. Good God….



WordPress scares me…I may need to run back to Tumblr in tears.


Firstly, I am in love with the simplicity of Tumblr and it took a lot for me to start this blog on WordPress, but I decided that since I am trying new things, that I could surely handle a new web platform. I think I succeeded in getting this up and running? We will see…

ANYWAY, I just graduated from college and am, for the first time in living memory, not a student. My solution to this personal crisis? Leave all of my family, friends, and comfort foods to teach English in Korea for a year. This sounds like a perfectly good idea to me, and apparently its what a lot of the cool kids are doing these days. Join me for the ride as I pursue life post-undergrad by bringing my Weston-ness to Ulsan, Korea (just look it up on Wikipedia, don’t worry, I didn’t know where it was either).