My Recent Google History is Shameful

I wasn’t able to post yesterday, as I was too busy adventuring in Chicago and taking care of some visa business, and I certainly will not be posting tomorrow as I am going home to Indy to see my partner (Matt), my roomie and one of my best friends (Mariel), and hopefully a few other people that I will miss an exorbitant amount during my time away from the Hoosier state (I really hate that moniker btw, and let’s all recognize that this entire post has been one sentence thus far).

I hear that whiskey and Nutella cookies will be featured guests at tomorrow eve’s festivities, so you can’t go wrong there. Wait…does Korea have whiskey? I will google it…my recent google search history is kind of embarrassing. It is filled with things like “why can’t I watch Netflix in Korea?” and “can I buy ice cream in Korea?” These are my priorities. It is my panic over questions like these that convince me that despite being 22, I am not an adult.

So expect a thoughtful and probably emotional post on Saturday night or Sunday (hopefully complete with pictures!), once I am back in Medaryville. June 8 is ever closer.

Also, in case anyone wasn’t aware, there was a new episode of My Drunk Kitchen that was uploaded today, so go enjoy that. And, for those of you who know me well, I will have full access to youtube in Korea. Don’t worry, no youtube would have been a dealbreaker (once again, not an adult).



One thought on “My Recent Google History is Shameful

  1. No joke, I actually thought “Hoosier” was a derogatory term until like a month after I first moved to Indianapolis.

    Anyway, on connecting to Netflix abroad, your best bet is paying for a VPN service (effectively a powerful proxy server that masks your real IP address so Netflix thinks you’re still in the states). I don’t know enough to recommend any specific service, but I bet it’s not hard to track down a decent one.

    (Alternatively, you could probably set up your own VPN but you’d probably need to convince someone over here to maintain a small server.)

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