Never Goodbye, Just See You Later

Warning: Totally gushy and emotional post, so if that’s not your thing, hold out until my next post.

Well, I am back in Medaryville, and I am beginning to process my impending adventure in a very real way. My flight date is in less than a week, and I’m more excited than ever, yet simultaneously tremendously terrified. What I am the most apprehensive about is leaving the family that I have created over the past four years. In my time since graduating high school, I have been able to surround myself with intelligent, talented, beautiful, funny, and loving people. I am lucky, and it’s hard to leave that.

As our party wound down last night, I ended up giving one hug after another. What made this whole process more manageable was something that I leaned from my cousin, Amber: “Never goodbye, just see you later.” Until recently I just thought it was endearing and a little funny that Amber would never allow anyone to say “goodbye” to her, but there is real truth to that.

When Matt saw me off this morning, remembering this allowed me to have a relative sense of composure. I, without a doubt, reacted in a much more sensible manner this morning  in comparison to the last time Matt and I had to part long term. When Matt left to study abroad a couple of years ago, I carried on for the hours leading up to his departure. Then I got in my car, despite already be home, and drove to a mall and cried in a parking lot. Why? Probably because I am a crazy person.

Anyway, luckily after I returned from my parking lot excursion, Mariel was waiting for me with ice cream and a marathon of “Brothers & Sisters.” That is what a good friend does my friend. So, considering my limited tears shed this morning, compared to my raging drama a couple of years ago, I was pretty pleased with my sensible and somewhat controlled emotional reaction.

And this was partly because, of course, its not goodbye, its just see you later.

Check out the PBS webseries, OffBook here on Youtube: They do wonderful shows on really relevant topics. As a youtube lover and a big fan of PBS, I give this 5 big old stars.



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