The Twighflight Zone

Ok, well, airports/airlines are ridiculously not cool and thus Wifi is not free, so this is going to be my execution of faux liveblogging; meaning, I am whipping out my laptop and typing my thoughts and whatnot into a word document and then lumping them all together into one big post once I am in a more humane environment (aka omg where’s my wifi)


6:00: F@#(*$#@($* This time is not real…I was smart enough to prepare everything last night so that I could just angrily drag my body to the car.


9:00: Slept most of the ride like a boss. After making our way through the CPAC traffic (thanks for that Michelle Bachman), we have made it to the airport! #overwhelmed


10:00: bid farewell to the parents…that was rough. I didn’t want to cry, but I’m sure that we can all guess, I did.


10:30: everything goes insanely swimmingly and now I have 2 hours until my plane boards (WITH NO WIFI, life is hard, right?) Most of the people waiting with me are Korean, imagine that. Luckily I have a couple of magazines and some public domain plays on my nook. I should probably save those until the flight, but I can only text my mom and Matt so much so I’m bustin’ out the reading material already.


1:00 On the plane! I am not next to a baby or an fat person (not fat shaming, just stating that is not the ideal seat situation, sorry ‘bout it). This is a good sign


2:00: Alcohol on planes is not real. They showed me the drink menu and I, of course, jumped at the mention of whiskey, but apparently, a tiny bit of whiskey 35,000 feet in the air on an empty stomach can go a long way. Keep that in mind for your future travels. Plane tipsy is not a bad thing. It made everything quite bemusing for a while and I watched the tiny airplane on the map move in our giant arc.


2:30 Going over Minnesota! MATT LLLLLLL!


3:00: So…speaking of this arc that we are traveling in…apparently I don’t understand geography or travel or something. Why instead of be-boppin’ across the Pacific are we wandering our way up through Canada and whatnot? Is this so that in case we run out of gas we aren’t going to plunge into the ocean?


3:30 Food. Options: Western or Korean lulz. With this go around I got a glass of wine to hopefully get another nice air buzz.


8:30: I have read through both of the magazines that I downloaded, napped, scanned through the heinous flight movies (truly bad, I would rather stare at the map and watch the plane icon move), napped more, and attempted starting Checkov’s “The Seagull” but I’m not sure if I can handle actual literature right now as I am growing antsy. Weston doesn’t sit down for this long, folks. Just ask Matt. Also, another fun fact: I just realized that I never actually put any music on my Mac because who needs to with the beauty of Spotify…well…when you are trapped miles in the air and don’t have Internet access this proves to be quite a problem. #firstworldproblems


8:45: I have scrounged my hard drive and I have exactly 2 songs: Taylor Neita’s recording of “Big White Room” a shady practice recording of that song that Chroale sang for our performance in Fort Wayne (whats that song called again?).   Quite the soundtrack here.


10:15: Time isn’t real anymore. I would give them all of the won I have tightly stashed away in my carry-on if we could just park it up in the Russian mountains to take a breather and get some fresh air. This puts the bus ride to Florida to shame. I want a plane buddy. Aly where are you?! Come be a K-pop star and save me from this unreal experience. I feel like a prisoner being held captive in a pressurized cell with insanely polite guards. I have lost all concept of reality. Time only exists inside this airplane and it moves at a snail’s pace. Welcome to the Twighflight Zone.


2:15=15:15 (Korea time): We landed! We didn’t run out of gas. All is well…sort of. Now I’m just exhausted and have to figure out how to take the bus to Ulsan from Seoul. Wish me luck until the next paragraph .


I am now officially on Korea time, it is 17:00 and I am waiting for my bus that leaves at 18:00 and guess what, Seoul’s airport has free wifi. Way to go, Chicago. That’s one point for Korea, none for the USA. This is how we keep score in the airport Olympics. I figured now would be a good time to throw up this semi-coherent post. I’m aware its not the most interesting. Chronology things like this are never very cool, but whatever, I wrote this one more as a stabilizing exercise for myself on my super long day of travel. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes, and I miss you all already!
Here is what Weston looks like after a day of travel. >_<




4 thoughts on “The Twighflight Zone

  1. Hahahaha… yeah the arcs look longer on a flat map… but the world is round… so its shorter to make an arc on a sphere up to a latitude where the circumference is smaller than to stay in a wider latitude… Geometry is the only kind of math that makes sense ❤ I LOVE YOU, DON'T DIE!

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