My Favorite Color is Yellow

Yesterday I went to my school for the first time. I mostly just observed, but the kids all had questions prepared to ask me (I have never answered “What is your favorite color?” more times in my life), which was adorable. The kids are so fun and the day is very interesting because of the variety of levels. The first class of the day knew nothing but a small vocabulary of colors, body parts, etc. and the last class of the day knew so much English that we were able to just chat and joke around with them in English for the entire 40 minutes. The classroom experience was simultaneously incredible and  incredibly exhausting, although I’m sure some of that is part of the everlasting plague of jetlag. As a baby about sleep, I am not too fond of this whole change your body clock thing, so thats cool. I went out with Josh last night after work which was good for more than one reason. It allowed me to meet some foreigners (yay!) and it forced me to not just come home to bed out of exhaustion and hopefully start to force my body into a little bit of a better schedule for someone who works 15:00-21:30ish.

Here are a few pictures from Sunday (epic lost day before I got lost):

This is the beach that is about a 10 minute bus ride from my apartment.

Ilsan Beach

See that little jutty-out green part up there? ^ I’m gonna go climbin’ up on that after this next picture.

More beach here

Then I went over to the cool beautiful natury part and climed the damn stairway to heaven. There were an innumerable number of steps but I climbed them and this is what I saw!

Some old Korean ladies just broin’ out over the beautiful scenery.

Not much to say about these next few, other than, holy wow, I live super near some beautiful stuff. I’m going to go explore here again soon when I am better prepared, aka not wearing flip flops.


Once I came down from nature town, I stopped at a street vendors cart and bought this! It is basically a corndog except instead of a hot dog inside it is crab. Yup super strange and super baller. I ate it in about 4.5 seconds.

Yesterday before school the director of my school took me out to lunch and this is what we had! So many vegetables including kimchi which is a super popular cabbagy Korean staple. Unfortunately I did not think to photo-document the meal until most of it had been devoured.

Well! I am off to observe classes again today soon. Thanks to everyone for reading and watching. I miss you all!



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