I Guess I’m a Fashion King #sorryboutit


Happy Thursday 🙂 I made a video yesterday but then I watched it back (which is always a bad idea for me) and didn’t like it so I didn’t post. 

I don’t have to go back to school until Monday since I have observed all of the classes I will be teaching from being there on Monday and Tuesday, but I will be solo teaching on Monday so that is horrifying to think about.

Aside from insecurities, I’m super excited about teaching because the students are super funny. Aside from being asked an uncomfortable number of times if I have a girlfriend, to which I awkwardly responded “No, I don’t…hahaha,” they had some other awkward things to say that were super funny and adorable.

One of the older classes is obsessed with the way I look. They kept calling me handsome (which is not exclusive to just them, Koreans seem to think that all white people are beautiful. That is something I want to dive into with more depth in a later post.), and told me that I need to make sure to shave so that I look clean and they can better see my face and to wear my contacts so they can better see my eyes.

That is the class I have 5 days a week and am able to chat with so on Tuesday they ventured to asking about my socks and why they are different colors. So, after I gave a semi-bs answer that basically amounted to “I like socks and colors and stuff” they decided that I was the fashion king. I’m not sure how we made the leap from me not matching my clothes like a regular adult to being a member of the royal family of fashion, but I will just accept it.

Lastly, in a variety of my classes (mostly the younger ones) I had students come up and pet my arm. They were absolutely fascinated with my arm hair. One student even went so far as to tell me “Weston Teacher, you have very, very many fur.” I couldn’t help but laugh at that. I had never heard it phrased quite so bluntly and accurately. I guess they will be super disappointed when summer has passed and I have to start wearing long sleeved shirts.

I suppose that is all for now! I have to get ready to go the hospital with the director of my school for a health screening, which sounds like it is going to consist of making sure that I am not dying and a drug test.


Here is a picture of one of the cards that some of my students made for me.



4 thoughts on “I Guess I’m a Fashion King #sorryboutit

  1. Who is that adorable card from? Kelly?

    And what do these kids call you? Weston Teacher? Mr. Bonczek? Mr. Teacher? Mr. Weston Teacher? Does it depend on their age?

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