It rained for the first time since I arrived yesterday so most of my day was spent hanging out in my apartment. I did some laundry, which is awesome because I have a washer inside my apartment (this is luxury style for a 22-year old); however, the kicker is that there is no dryer. Koreans aren’t into dryers, especially in apartments, so I utilized my hanging space and so my apartment is going to look like this a day or two a week (that is if I’m a real person who does laundry every week.



On a more sad note, Josh, the current foreign teacher at my school, had his last day of school yesterday and promptly left town for a week in the Philippines before he returns to the US. So, my Korea mentor, friend and roommate has disappeared. I suppose that means that I will need to start being proactive about making friends soon. On the positive note, Josh leaving meant that I finally got a cell phone, a bus pass, and now I have the apartment to myself (we were sharing the apartment because our school just constantly keeps this place for their foreign teacher). It also meant that I could finally start making the place mine, so I cleaned the kitchen, organized my desk, taped some meaningful things to the wall, and finally got everything out of my suitcase! That was a relief. 

Today I have been pretty lazy thus far, having spent too much time cruising the blogosphere and watching multiple episodes of “Breaking Bad.” It is probably about time I put on some clothes (one perk of living by oneself is that decency is not required) and go do something!

That’s all for now. Happy weekend.



2 thoughts on “KOREA, Y U NO HAZ DRYER!

  1. I’m loving your blog, especially shower bathroom! Good luck with all your exciting adventures and endeavors!!!

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