Smilin’ and Noddin’


The weekend is coming to an end here in Korea, and I have officially been in Korea for more than two weeks now! I am really starting to get the hang of things here. I have been teaching for a week, I have some really fun friends, and I’m really settling in and getting comfortable. Some foreign teachers have told me to be careful because before too long, I will really fall in love with Korea and will be signing on for a second year. That sounds crazy to me, but I know MANY foreign teachers that are on their second lap and are still having a blast.
Thursday night after work I went out with my Korean co-teachers for one of their birthdays. We went out and had some beer and a ton of delicious Korean food. I was amazed at how much food there was; the kicker is that most of it is vegetable-y or something of the sorts, which is how they all stay so damn skinny.

As great at it was to spend time with my coworkers, most of my night was spent smiling and nodding since most of the conversations happening at my table were in Korean. Luckily, my co-teachers being English teachers and all, tried to fill me in every once in a while, which was a kind gesture. One of the funniest relationships of the evening was definitely between our school’s secretary (who speaks no English) and myself (who knows about 2 dozen words in Korean at this point). We keep making an effort to connect but it just keeps ending up really awkward.

After eating and drinking we decided to peace out, and I thought we were heading home for the night. I was apparently quite mistaken as I saw my director make a beeline for another building down the street. We were headed to a Noraebong.

What is a noraebong, you may be wondering. Well it is just one of many “rooms” that seem to pervade Korean culture. Noraebong specifically is a singing room. You pay for an hour, get two microphones, your own private room, and access to thousands of songs. These places are incredibly popular, and I was excited that my first experience with them was with Koreans. This allowed me to see how they do noraebongs and gave me a hilarious introduction to a good many K-pop songs as sung by my co-teachers.

Thanks for everyone who reads this blog! I have been trying to blog consistently, but, for some reason, felt incredibly unmotivated this weekend. On that note, I had better get ready for work and whatnot.


Ps, if you are in the mood for a sassy party song that I am currently obsessed with, enjoy this Rita Ora video, How We Do (its not K-pop, but I promise I will start throwing some of that at you soon).



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