Put Your Body Image Issues on Hold


First off, for those of you who were concerned about my first-world American problems (read: nobody), I found a way to trick Spotify into thinking that I was indeed in my homeland and not skipping around Korea.  So that made my day that much better.

Something that I have noticed in my couple of weeks teaching thus far is that: Kids are heinous, not real people. That is the super short version. Don’t get my wrong, I love them, and think they are so damn fun and super hilarious, but they are not quite human yet.

Remember when I said that Koreans seem to think that all white people are attractive? Well, yeah, that is totally the case, but that doesn’t stop Korean children/adolescents from picking apart your physical appearance and letting you know what they think.

During my first week, I was half-sitting on my desk while explaining what we were doing next, when I heard a small child say “teacher!” and then point at my stomach. I was, at this point, naïve and confused and asked “what?” despite his gesture. He responded with “big belly”….yes, that happened. I wanted to scream “OK, I GAINED LIKE 5 POUNDS HAVING FUN MY SENIOR YEAR. GIVE ME A BREAK!” but instead I responded with “oh, well, thank you, lets’ look at our book now.”

This is not where this kind of behavior stops (this is Korea, it never stops, I know that now). Last week, I had a middle-school class tell me that I was handsome, but that I really needed to get better socks, shoes, glasses, and, please, work out more. Then I would be really handsome. Like I said, Korea is clearly not the place to work through your body image issues.

This is not just that I have an extremely vain group of children. This is a Korean thing. They are obsessed with physical appearance.

I have a jam-packed day tomorrow, but my next post is going to be more about the wonderful children that I teach every day and how they never cease to surprise my American self.

Miss you all.



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