To a Day Well Done


I actually already had a post prepared for today about, as you know, my wonderful terrors but, because a) I had a super awesome day and wanted to talk about it and b) my plans for after work (watching a men’s choir rehearse, yup, I’m still super cool) have been cancelled.

So I woke up at 8:00 am, which is early. Don’t forget I work from 2:30-9:40, so I don’t have a traditional work schedule. Anyway, I forced myself out of bed and made it to Dal-Dong, a new part of the city. The reason I faced such torture was because I had heard that a new beginner’s Korean class was starting this morning and this was something that I definitely wanted to give a try, so that maybe I could have the smallest grasp on this dear language I see and hear around me everyday.

After much facebook questions to others who were going to attend, and much Internet confirmation, I made it without getting lost! I know, not a minor miracle for Weston, let’s be real.

The class was great. I’m motivated to really learn my alphabet and a few essential phrases for next week. There were some really nice people in the class. Some teachers had been here for a few months, one had been here for three years. I, as always, was the Korean baby, both in age and in time in Korea, but I have learned to just embrace that. Not a problem with me. I have much to learn.

Well, so that happened and then I decided to venture into the Hyundai Department Store, which is thirteen stories high and filled with crazy brand names that I have no use for but were certainly fun to look at. Those middle-aged Korean women were snatching up that Gucci, Prada, and Louis like a boss though.

2:30 rolled around and I had made it to my work day where things went fine until I found out that one of my classes was entirely absent. That was a complete unexpected win for me. I will always enjoy an extra 40-minute break. Oh! And the best part was that not only did I have an extra break, but my director gave me some kimchi pancakes on said break, which were delicious, spicy, and super vegetably (clearly).

Now I am on the bus home typing this post, and a Korean man keeps repeatedly falling asleep on me, so I’m going to close my computer before he falls on it.

Miss you all!



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