America Day!


A little girl wrote this on the board today. That is how you write “Weston” in Korean. I couldn’t resist taking a picture.



On that note, I’m about to head out to the beach to get my America on. As much as I am not very patriotic, I love a good holiday. Share with me in the comments what you are doing for good ol’ Independence Day, so that I can cry over your plans involving fireworks. 

miss you all!



5 thoughts on “America Day!

  1. Working of course! And no fireworks at Symphony on the Prairie! Too dry, so you don’t get to cry from my post. Enjoy the beach! My memories of the 4th from growing up in Florida always involved water, though usually not the beach.

  2. I’m not in St. Louis anymore, but they canceled the fireworks there because of the drought (it basically hasn’t rained since you left). I don’t even know what’s going on here. Yay fire hazards!

  3. just ate with your mom and dad…and they were going to watch fireworks in winamac..grandpa and I will probably stay home love you..let me know when you get the card I sent you..want to see how long it takes to arrive

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