Food Love and Family Love


Ugh! Sorry it has been a while since I last posted. My discipline has been less than optimal. 

Yesterday, I woke up with a rull awful sore throat. That came out of nowhere, so that’s cool. I guess that the combination of teaching children (aka illness breeders) and being in a brand new place where your body doesn’t have the tools to fight the illnesses that it has never been exposed to, this is to be expected. Anyway, I thought about skipping my Tuesday morning Korean class; however, I know that skipping once would be a slipper slope to start down, so I hauled my ass out of bed and made the trek across the city. Turns out it was a good decision, because I forgot how fun that class is AND I went out for a nam-tastic lunch of traditional Korean food, meaning rice and about 40 million side dishes such as zucchini, kimchi, dried anchovies, seaweed, etc. By this time my throat was feeling a lot better, but teaching is not something that is incredibly soothing for a sore throat so it was raging again by the end of the day. I have a feeling that it is going to be with me for a while, so that’s that. 

Today was/is baller (its only like 6:00 pm. I’m on my break). This morning I went out with some friends to what I have heard from many sources is the best burger place in all of Ulsan. After going there, I believe it. It did not taste like some deeply understood idea of a burger. It was legit, and I appreciated every bite of it. Be grateful for your Western food all of you in America, it is quite difficult to reverse years and years of being socialized to certain types of foods. As good as Korean food is (and I really do like it), it has nothing on a patty melt and a Reece’s flurry. #fatamerican 

As if the day couldn’t get any better after my foodgasm, I get to work and find out that a card from my Grandma Nancy and Grandpa Howard had arrived! My first mail in Korea! I looked like a little kid when my director gave handed it to me. Mail is the bomb (aka send me mail). 

Here is me looking all gross and sweating at my desk with my card. 🙂


Well, my break is almost over, so I better gear up for the 5 classes I have left to teach today.

Miss you all! 



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