Your Neck Died!


So, near the end of the school day yesterday, my voice started to deteriorate to a level of near nonexistence. Me, being an idiot who often thinks that my body will heal itself without medical assistance, thought that a good night sleep would cure things. I woke up today with almost no ability to speak, so I decided to go to the Korean doctor. I texted my director asking her where she would recommend and if there would be any English speaking staff to assist me. She offered to just accompany me on my medical excursion, which was more than fine with me.

Well, I learned from my health exam when I got here that the Korean doctor works like a well-oiled machine. I was in, out, and got my prescription next door in about 25 minutes, oh, and this whole thing cost me around $7. Yes, that is real. Bravo, Korea. (WAH OBAMACARE). At one point the doctor was taking my blood sugar levels while the nurse was checking my blood pressure. The doctor deduced that it was a cold that probably went awry because my body was all “wtf? I have never seen this strain before. I’m outy.”

I was still caught off guard when the doctor told me I was handsome as I was leaving…

After that, I assumed that I would be sent home since I did go to the doctor and he gave me a bunch of pills to take. Besides, I could barely speak! How could I teach these students English? I apparently forgot that I was in Korea where sick days aren’t real and the points don’t matter. So, I trudged myself through my school day, shifting some lesson plans so that I had a couple more “game day” classes where I didn’t really have to instruct or, for that matter, speak.

My two favorite reactions from my students on the state of my voice are “Teacher, you have grandpa voice” and “Teacher! Your neck died!” Made it through the day with minimal speaking (even though that is the main component to my job…to get these kids to listen and speak), and now it’s a bit of vocal rest for me. Sounds like a good excuse for a movie marathon in bed.

Miss you all!



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