Bankin’ Like a Boss


I finally opened a bank account here! I wasn’t able to do so until I received my Alien Registration Card (ARC), and have thus since just not made the trek to do so. Sometimes I feel like I blog about pretty mundane things, hoever, in Korea they really aren’t! No matter what I have to do, it becomes an adventure.

A night out for beers on Wednesday suddenly turned into a nerve-wracking experience of a 50 minute bus ride where I’m thinking “oh shit, I MUST have taken the wrong bus.” Mind you, I didn’t, the bus I decided to take just wound its way through just about a dozen neighborhoods before it finally arrived at my destination that I originally assumed would be about 15-20 minutes.

I’m sure this sense of everything being an ordeal will fade at some point, which is relieving, because, although its quite exciting, it can be rather exhausting when a trip to the bank has you worried to bits.

Anyway! Back to the bank thing, turns out I did my research quite well. I heard that this certain bank was pretty good for foreigners and I found out that they had a branch that specialized in helping English-speaking patrons, along my route to work.

The woman that I ended up at the desk with, after I took a huge breath and asked the all too often asked question, “English?” I found out she was SUPER BALLER at English. It was, honestly, almost as smooth as opening a bank account in the states might be.

So that is my exciting news of the day. I was able to deposit my fat wad of cash that was my first monthly paycheck that had previously just been hidden in my apartment, due to my lack of banking capabilities. I now have a debit card, and that makes me feel more like a real person in Korea. I also have the capability to transfer my hard-earned cash monies to the U.S. so that I can syphon it directly to the blood-suckers also known as Sallie Mae #studentdebt.

On that note, I will talk to you all soon!

Miss you all!



One thought on “Bankin’ Like a Boss

  1. Woot woot! While you are obtaining banking abilities, I’m currently working with a demagnitized debit card and waiting on new checks that STILL haven’t arrived.

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