Just Call Me Sporty Spice


Yesterday, I went with some friends to my first soccer game!

It was in a pretty baller stadium that was apparently used previously for world cup events, so that’s super cool.

We all had a beer on the bus ride over, because that is perfectly acceptable here, which still freaks me out even though I know its ok.

I went with my three friends (from right to left) Nancy, Justin, and Jason. We were later joined by a guy named Brett who I surprisingly already knew from my Korean class, so that was a fun surprise.

Turns out soccer is SUPER COOL. Who knew. I surprisingly really enjoyed the game and would DEFINITELY love to go back. Here is my best attempt at an action shot. I’m not a photographer, so good thing you find me endearing anyway.

One of the funnier moments of the evening was my discovering of the following sign:

Yes…that is real. I have no idea what it means, and the Koreans probably don’t either, but it was there and it was awesome.

Anyway, back to the game! Ulsan Hyundai was victorious! YAY! (that’s our team, cheer!). Here is our team reigning supreme in the blue, and the opponents laying down in defeat, bwahaha.


On another subject, Mail News: I GOT TWO LETTERS IN ONE DAY! 1 from my parents and 1 from my Grandpa Nancy & Grandpa Howard. I was so pumped about getting two letters at once that I couldn’t wait to get home to read them and I opened them at my desk at school. That was a bad idea. Even though I was convinced I was feeling completely emotionally stable today (that was probably my first mistake lol), the moment I started reading the cards I started to tear up. Luckily I had gotten to school somewhat early so there weren’t a lot of people around and I was able to keep the emotional outburst to a minimum, but that lesson has definitely been learned. Save the love for when I am not at work; otherwise, it won’t pan out well.




Miss you all!



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