I think haul videos are ridiculously stupid and entertaining at the same time (like many of my video enjoyments), so I made one because I got a package from my family today! Full of things that I loooove! I kept the video short, partially so that you didn’t have to watch me drool over food for a long time and partially so I could go have a night of pureĀ indulging while I read a trashy book and watch me some youtube #goodlife




5 thoughts on “PACKAGE HAUL

  1. Curious but why is all of the printing backwards. Yo doing this in a mirror?

    • I was doing it directly into my webcam, which flips everything similar to a mirror. I could have probably flipped the whole video but I forgot until I was almost finished editing.

  2. This is incredibly strange, but I have to use that EXACT same deodorant. NOTHING WORKS. I know you will find this hilarious because 1) I’m clearly female 2) We’re married and 3) We have searched the universe since high school to solve our sweating issues hahahaha

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