A Hot Mess in a More Literal Sense than Usual


Today I made the solo trek to Gyeoungju, which was the capitol of Korea for most of the first millenium Anno Domini, and a lot of the old, historic shit has survived so this tiny city is often referred to as “the museum without walls.” Not a bad claim to fame, I must say. #likeaboss

After getting up and going at a sincerely leisurely pace, making the hourish bus ride out here and getting a little confused (read lost) once arriving, I made it to my guest house, aka hostel, by midafternoon.

After checking in and whatnot, I thought an awesome idea would be to hike up a mountain in the 100 degree heat (or 38ish if you aren’t in the US). I clearly am great at making good life choices as I’m sure you all know by now. Anyway, despite turning into a sweaty mess, the hike was actually a pretty good time. It was nice to be all up in a wooded area and whatnot. Speaking of good decisions, I did the hike in my Converse shoes; I decided my tennis shoes were too clunky to pack in my travel bag. #priorities

Here are some pics from my hike!

Oh you know, just some tombs of some kings. nbd.

just a cute little pagoda at a temple I stopped by.

Beautiful Buddha statue hidden up on a pile of rocks up in the mountain.

The *sigh* responsible person inside me recognized the signs from my body and decided to turn around once I got to a hermitage about a little over a kilometer from the peak. I blame the BSA for my acute sense of outdoor responsible-ness. Here are some pretty flowers and paper lanterns decorating the hermitage area.

Lastly, sorry if my posts this week are going to be largely chronology based (i.e. I did this and that and this) as opposed to just non-linear observations that I usually prefer to write; however, being out and about and not at my home base I will probably be sticking to that kind of standard kinda thing. Hope you still enjoy it! Love hearing from you all in the comments section.

Miss you all!



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