The Sun is Your Friend, I Promise!


Today I made a day trip to Busan (the 2nd biggest city in Korea, next to Seoul, of course) with my friend Emily. One of the most pleasant parts of the trip was that I really got to know a lot more about her. People are oftentimes the most exciting part of any adventure.

Well we headed out from Ulsan on a bus that was only about $5 and it took us about an hour to get there. #quicktrip

When we got there we enjoyed a wonderful walk along Haeundae Beach which was beautiful and INSANELY crowded. It was nice to get some sun, but many of the Koreans on the beach seemed to disagree with that sentiment. Koreans hate the sun. lol. They don’t want to tan at all! The beach was lined (and I mean LINED, see the pic below, it was crazy ridiculous) with umbrellas to shade them from the scary rays shooting down from the sky. Those who did venture from their umbrellas into the water often went in full clothing. I’m talking long-sleeved button down shirts, jeans, hoodies, anything…like regular ass clothes, just goin’ all up in the water. Oh Korea…lol.

After our enjoyment of the sun and water was complete we went to the Busan aquarium and enjoyed all of the wonderful sea life up close that spent their lives in the ocean that we had just vacated.

(this precious tank was too adorable for me not to take a picture)

We then enjoyed BURRITOS! Yes, just around the corner is a Q’doba or Chipotle in the US, but this was a big deal for us. I have never enjoyed a mediocre burrito more in my life. Posting a picture of my food sans Instagram filter, but you all can just deal with it.

To finish our day, we went to Shinsegae Department Store, which is the biggest department store in the world. This is not a dramatic, Weston thing. It is really the biggest, and it had every crazy expensive brand name one could think of which clearly petrified my poor boy soul, but we did find a newly opened H&M which I plan to raid in a month or so when I have a bit more cash on hand. So after 9 floors of expansive stores (bam, enjoy that rhyming) we were exhausted and took our bus back to our wonderful city, Ulsan.

Hope you are all having a great weekend! I am going to be doing a bit of travelling this upcoming week since we don’t have school, so, if I am adequately wired and not completely exhausted, there should be some fun adventure posts.

Miss you all!



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