Birthday Haul!

Its officially my birthday here in Korea, and I got a package from my mom, dad, and brother the other day!

miss you all.



And I’m Link!


Here are the links to my last four videos.




Hope you beautifuls enjoy! I feel like my videos are getting better in quality which inspires me even more to keep producing them.

Miss you all!


Goal City Korea: September


So, in August, I had hoped to work out every day of the month using my short-term goal setting and my “don’t break the chain” calendar. I ended up working out 18 days last month, which I was initially embarrassed by as that is far short of the 30 days I had originally set out for.

However, once I actually thought about it, I realized that this was still probably 17 days more than I would have worked out were it not for the tools I employed. I had something keeping me accountable with a short-term finish line in site.

I felt good about myself after I worked out, but I wouldn’t necessarily say I felt good. I worked out a variety of different ways, and mostly hated them all, some to lesser degrees than other.

All of this aside, I’m glad that the burden and guilt of asking myself to work out everyday is over, but I am going to try to still do it once or twice a week, just because, aside from my complete disdain for the activity, there is no good reason not to.

A real anti-motivator in regards to that August adventure is that I have just recently in the past year or so come to love my body for what it is and that has been awesome. I don’t want to go back to the place where there is self-loathing when it comes to my weight, muscle mass, etc, so I am kind of don’t want to set a kind of visible goal and I definitely don’t want to set a goal governed by the scale.

This showed me that I should probably set goals that I actually care about, so this month I am asking myself to begin studying for the GRE. Taking that test is something I have always said I would do while in Korea, so I need to get to it. Honestly, its not extremely important compared to the many other factors involved when I actually apply to grad school, so I might as well pull it together and get it done; so far, its going pretty well and I’m actually having fun. I forgot how much I stupidly love math.

Miss you all!