Firstly, I made a video because I am overwhelmingly thankful for an inexhaustible number of things, and I needed to expound upon a few of them. It is pretty uncharacteristic of my videos, but I hope you enjoy it.

On another related note, I am here in Korea…not with my family, friends and partner for Thanksgiving, and that is tough. This will be the first Thanksgiving that I will be spending away from all of the love and wonderful ridiculousness that is my family, which is taking a pretty hard toll on me.

As much of a progressive and a go with the flow blah blah blah kind of guy that I am, I have a deep love of tradition, and I keep going through a laundry list of traditions that I will be missing.

These nostalgic ideas floating in my head range from wallowing on the couch watching the parade while my mom makes sure that the rest of us pull it together enough to get on the road at a decent time to spending the day with one side of the family and then the other as we stuff our faces with too much food not once, but twice in the same damn day. My holidays are quite predictable, and that is fine with me. In fact, I love it.

Does it make me sad that I’m missing the Thanksgiving that has been railed into my brain since birth? Absolutely. However, I am glad that I won’t be able to share that this year, because being here, 7,000 miles away from where most of my life has taken place, has taught me more about gratitude for my family, friends, and all the experiences that go along with that, than any other Thanksgiving has thus far. I can’t wait to be back with everyone I love, but in the meantime, I’m here, reflecting.

I love you all, and please think of me while you are eating an embarrassing amount and enjoying the holiday.